International breakthrough

February 27, 2020 by 0
I want to share my testimony for what God did for me at the last hallelujah challenge.
During the last day hallelujah challenge via HALLELUJAH FESTIVAL that was held in the church King’s Court I was believing God for an international breakthrough, my mother happens to be a British Citizen and she decided to file for me too and my brother and I put it before God in prayers during the hallelujah festival, there was a lot of saying that I might not be given because of the age factor but I refused to listen to it we started the processing that the same year 2018 and submitted the whole documents and even went for a DNA test to prove she is my mother, after prayer and fasting I thank God that in the year 2019 April, I was given my British passport with my brother and it was DHL down to us in Nigeria. I was even opportune to meet with Pastor Nathaniel in London last year during a program and I also explained to him. I never believe I will enter London with a British Passport now am a citizen of the United Kingdom, praise the Lord. I also happen to be part of the Nathaniel Bassey Lagos Conference team in Nigeria.
Please I will love to remain anonymous. Thank you.

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