Just like that God did it

October 16, 2017 by 0

And just like that God did it! I had been searching for a job for over a year after my Master’s degree. I was highly disappointed as I got a first class and a good grade in my Master’s degree, and from a very good school. I had a number of interviews and although I did not get the jobs, on asking for feedback, they all said: “you’re a top candidate but someone did slightly better”. On reflection, I found that I was doing job applications in my own might and not consulting God. So I joined the challenge on the 3rd day and believed God for a particular job. I wrote it down and prayed about it. Went for the interview and got a call back after the challenge that I did really well BUT someone did slightly better. I cried my eyes out and was very distraught.

I must confess that I was slightly upset at God, cause it didn’t happen. My dad had managed to get me an internship in a North African country through a friend, which I wasn’t pleased about, so I bought my flight ticket and started packing up to go. I clearly remember looking for apartments in the North African country and then I got a phone call from the company that had rejected me, saying “we really like you, so we have another role we want you to interview for”. So I go in for another interview which lasted only 10mins (very rare) and I got the job! So I want to encourage anyone reading this, it might not be on your time it happens but trust HIM.

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