Miraculous Exams Result

September 6, 2017 by 0

God did it for me just like that. I wrote my exams last 2months and ever since then I have been praying to God for good results. I didn’t prepare well for the exams, sometimes when reading i will be confused and not understand anything. Most times during the exam I will answer one question out of three, even if I answer two I won’t be sure of one, to me their questions where confusing. When I come out from the exam hall I will remember everything and start crying. After the conclusion of the exam, I took everything to God in prayer and I told Him to do what only Him can do,I told God that I won’t carry over any course that He will make ways for me. My faith was still shaking and sometimes I cry. But to God be the Glory when the results came out God gave me excellent results. Why won’t I praise this God, He’s too good. Join me in thanking Him. Hallelujah

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