My Testimony

October 10, 2017 by 0

I am writing this testimony in faith.

During the hallelujah challenge, I wrote down what I wanted from God and slipped into my bible. I wanted above all things Success in my Exam.

A month after the challenge I dreamt that I failed an exam or rather I didn’t pass as well as other people because I didn’t revise some particular materials. In the dream, it was spelt out what I didn’t revise.
As at that time I didn’t even have these materials or any clue how I would get them.
Regardless I got to work. And I hit the Internet.  I randomly found study materials that looked like what I dreamt about and saved them, shared with a friend writing the same exam and we studied with it.
A few days before the exam I had another dream.
I had studied the materials, yes but it was now time for oral exams. The first examiner was passing everyone and my friend went ahead before me and he passed. Once it got to my turn the examiner was replaced with someone else. This one brought out a textbook and started questioning me .we got to a point and argued about a particular answer and eventually, he said: “Oya go you have passed”.

Fast forward to exam day. The materials we studied came out word for word ( Note: I stumbled on this via random Internet searches) and then I saw the tiebreaker, the question I was arguing about and see me now…I still picked the wrong one that I picked in the dream that brought the argument. I don’t know why I did that.

So now. I am writing this as a testimony because God gave me all I needed to pass. And I am believing that my friend and I will be among the successful candidates.

And today 10/10/17 the results came out. We passed.
This God is too Good.

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