Nigeria – Green land

February 5, 2020 by 0

#####Hey Pastor Nath! This is coming late, but during the last hallelujah challenge, you spoke specifically about not praying for people who wanted to relocate and run away from Nigeria lol. You said that the land is green in Nigeria and so we can travel and come back but not run away. I didn’t pray that prayer because i wanted to relocate and i was already interviewing for some jobs that would relocate me. To my surprise, the 3 companies rejected me back to back haha. Reluctantly, i began interviewing for a role that required travel but not relocation out of Nigeria.I don’t know how to put this modestly but I got the job and it’s huge. The new job is paying 75,000 USD more than my previous job and way more than I would have earned if I relocated, with solid perks and benefits. God is great! Thank you for the hallelujah challenge, it’s been an opener for my many breakthroughs!#####

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