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I have 3 amazing testimonies to Share. I’ll summarise in their order of occurrence.
On the 1st of June,2017(before dawn) I had a dream. I was in a hall demarcated in different sections. I stood worried and confused because i didn’t see my name on the list posted. Pastor Nath was in another section anchoring a music concert; he walked towards my direction singing ‘casting crowns’ he held my hand and we walked to another section(office) i saw some people(whom i understood to be ministers of GOD), Pastor Nath told them to pray for me, one of them(a woman) told me she has my phone number even tho i may not know her, as i knelt down whilst they prayed for me, I woke up. Praise GOD! When i heard of the hallelujah challenge, I knew that GOD is set to use Pst Nathaniel for a revival in my life.

On that same 1st of June, i saw my period, That was the first i saw since the year began. Doctors say i have a hormonal imbalance (PCOS), but GOD has balanced my hormones, i have seen my period for July and August!.. Aka Jehovah has healed me! Hallelujah!!!

The month of May/June was particularly turbulent for my family. My parents never had a peaceful marriage. It was full of commotion and domestic violence.I had to leave school for the home to protect my mum and help in packing out all her belongings. She had to travel to the US to separate from my dad permanently. It was tough for everyone. I participated in the hallelujah challenge with all my heart and also the ‘Goodmorning Enugu’ concert in July. My siblings and i came up with a plan: to hold a heart to heart meeting with dad and address issues.It went so well. We told mum to come back home and we had a meeting with her, Now they are living so peacefully, they now go for outings together and take pictures with all smiles( something that never happened)…My mum tells me the efforts my dad puts for their marriage to work and vice versa, she tells me they are in honeymoon even. GOD DID IT, JUST LIKE THAT!!! Joy and peace has been restored in my family. I will worship this GOD forever! Hallelujah!

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