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Blessings to you Pastor Nathaniel, God has shown himself to be the waymaker indeed in my life. Kindly keep me anonymous.

My testimony is 2-IN-1 and it goes thus, and I’m basing it on Phil 4:18 which says “my God shall supply all my need…”. On the second night when you instructed us to request for something within the next 24hrs (apart from the other fourteen things), I just asked God for data that would enable me to finish this hallelujah Challenge without worries because I saw that as the most important for now, I missed last years Hallelujah Challenge partly because of this data ish, and to further prove that its God I asked for at least 10GB rather than the normal 1.5 or 3.5 I usually load, I know its a small something to some people but I’m still coming up lol. Pastor Nath God did it, money for 10 gigs of data came the next day like joke… just like that – which brings me to the 2-in-1 part i.e. how the money came.

So as it was, I was expecting a particular sum of money ($100) to be refunded to me but according to the (attached) reciept I was to expect it in 5 – 10 days, I dunno how it happened but it came within 4 days, the fourth day now happened to be yesterday, just in time and right within the 24hrs in which my request was made.

I want to give God all the glory for He alone is worthy. Thank you Lord Jesus!

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