UK scholarship granted

August 10, 2017 by 0

And God did it just like that!!Olowogbogboro your outstretched hand has fallen on my family. Good day sir! I promised myself that I must testify especially as I read n keyed into other testimonies.I joined the challenge on the 10th day; One of my prayer points on my Hallelujah challenge journal was that scholarship for studies abroad should be granted to my husband; I didn’t bother to know how it’s going to happen but I just prayed. Suddenly!! just like that, my God did it. He was granted a scholarship; the most interesting part is that he was asked to choose any country of his choice. Hallelujah! Can u imagine that? Something we saw as impossible, became possible with God; He has chosen the UK. I believe my other prayer pts on my journal will be answered big time(More testimonies loading). Thanks, PST Nath may God richly bless you and family n may the powerful hand of olowogbogboro rest on you now and forever, Amen.

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