Umbilical cord hernia healed

September 20, 2018 by 0

Dear Pastor Nat,

I have come to return all the praises to way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper.
Before the halleluyah challenge, my baby had umbilical cord hernia and I was told it will resolve itself or surgery will be required when she’s 2 years of age, but it became a discomfort for her, she groans in pain.
During the halleluyah challenge, you told us to write 14 things we want God to do for us, it was the number 2 on my list, each day of the challenge,I laid my hands on her navel and I declared healing, Lo and behold,I suddenly stopped hear her groan in pains and nothing protruding from her navel again.
Also,part of my halleluyah list is God should fast track my relocation process, it has been done when all hope was lost .i received my nomination letter few days ago and I know the rest is sorted out by the Bulldozer.
God bless you and your ministry, I pray God will continue to give you the Grace to shepherd his people. AMEN
From a grateful heart

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