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May God Continue to bless you Pastor Nat and may Your path continue to shine brighter and brighter unto a perfect day Amen!

MY Testimony is on Unusual Favour!
my salary is #50,000 (and I am grateful to God for that)and every month I save a particular amount from it for our rent(i live with my parents) and recently I was very “strong” so I used some of the money for treatment, my landlord called us the same week and demanded we pay the rent before the end of the month. BTW; he has a policy of not accepting half rent so I called him and pleaded with him to accept what I had then and surprisingly, he agreed and I sent everything I had to him with the promise of paying up the balance at the end of AUGUST.
this morning I came to work with just my to/from work t/fare and I had no hope of eating lunch or coming to work tomorrow. I came online and saw your post on “UNUSUAL FAVOUR” I JUST TYPED AMEN in the comment section, immediately a friend called and said he was coming to my office he brought lunch and gave me some money it was as if he owed me and needed to pay his debt today by all means… i still can’t explain
what happened this morning sir! I have come to return all GLORY TO THE WAY MAKER

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