US visa granted

August 6, 2017 by 0

So, so many testimonies from an ingrate with a change of heart. May God forgive me for keeping quiet.

I have had a turbulent year, but God’s mercies keep forging me on. I applied for the US visa because I kept sensing a season for it had come. My interview was the day after I submitted my application. I know all my Olowogbogboro Hallelujah challenge prayers saw me through. I kept praying the scripture that dropped in my mind there at the embassy: I will surround you with favour as with a shield. I watched as at least the three people before me were refused. I stepped forward and favour spoke on my behalf. I got my two years multiple visa to the glory of God.

I do not know how the trip would be possible because even as I type this, I do not have a dime towards the purchase of ticket nor do I have an idea as to how I would be able to keep my business running while I’m away. But I trust that He who’s begun this good work would be faithful to complete it, in Jesus’ name.

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