Good evening Pastor Nathaniel.

I’m not one that remembers my dreams except in cases where the Holy Spirit reveals something that I have to pray against (usually a bad occurence). I think I have been having this recurrent dream for years of fighting sometimes one person (in form of a man/woman) and sometimes it’s a war setting involving a lot of people (I don’t remember if I’m always involved in all dreams).

All I know for sure is, on day 8 of the Hallelujah Challenge, I slept and had a dream where a man was coming to fight with me. Immediately I started commanding him and quoting scriptures and he turned back and never came near me.

I woke up and was prompted to start thanking God for victory and for deliverance. Which I did!

I just want to thank God because I started remembering vividly the other dreams where even when no one won the fight, I was never the winner. But this time, I didn’t even have to fight before God did it.

P.S: I have had to deal with many disappointments, failures and things going wrong just when it seemed like it was settled.

I prophesy into my life that whatever war I had been fighting in the spiritual and physical has ended in Jesus name and I am Victorious and receive my breakthrough for life. And that new doors of everything good and the will of God will find me. I pray the same for the church.

God bless you and continue to be a wall of fire around you and yours.

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