Way Maker and Strong Tower

September 6, 2018 by 0

Praise be to God!

I believe it was Day 4 of this current challenge that we prayed specifically for God to make a way and it was the day you asked us to write our 14 requests. One of my requests was for God to make a way for my sister who needed a professional organization in Nigeria to verify her credentials; it’s been standstill for 6 weeks and God made a way, she got n email saying it has been verified and I know God will fully complete her testimony In the name of Jesus.

2nd testimony is there has been a lot of break-ins in my neighborhood recently, yesterday Day 10, yous aid we should focus on just Thanksgiving which I did; this morning I woke up and realized that my sister locked the house but also left her on the outside; meaning someone could have entered the house easily; But for God. I am so grateful.

I also want to Thank God for you and your team and families that God will strengthen you and you willbe the first partakers of this challenge.


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