September 14, 2018 by 0

Good afternoon sir,

I just want to share my testimony. I missed day 2 of the Y2018 Hallelujah challenge because I slept off and woke up after it had been concluded. When I woke up in the morning (I.e. yesterday morning), I connected to your instagram page and did the 1 hour praise session. As I was worshipping, I began to wonder why you dwelt so long on the Way Maker song but when you stated that you got the revelation that the Way Maker is going to make ways and open closed doors for people, I immediately believed the word and prayed it into my situation. I had a pending request before a boss which needed his endorsement/approval but for 2 months all attempts to make him approve it proved abortive and I was beginning to think that he was never going to approve it but here’s my testimony: Within 6-7 hours of concluding the one hour praise session (remember I did mine yesterday morning) the Way Maker (who anytime we call His name, He makes a way) made a way and  my boss approved my request. Hallelujah!!!!! Indeed, this God is too good O!

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