Wedding Issues Resolved

June 15, 2017 by 0

I have done my court wedding but some problems with my inlaws made us put a hold on the others. My husband has been trying to make peace with them to no avail. Anyway, he was instructed by the Spirit to talk to my dad about paying my dowry etc but my dad said he has to come with some family members before the list can be handed over to them. No one from his side of the family wants to get involved as his parents are refusing. I started praying and asking God to show up for us because we want to do the right thing. Long story short, the 10th day of the Hallelujah challenge sometime during praise PST Nath asked us to dance like we wanted to on our wedding day. sometime that same day, my dad calculated everything on the list and told me the figure then he said we don’t accept dowry in my place. That my husband should send me the total amount of the items on the list, he won’t collect it but he’ll present it to the family heads and they’d do the whole traditional ceremony without us present and there’s no need for my husband to come back to Nigeria for it. I couldn’t even hold back the grin when my dad was talking to me. Jesus did it!!!
Testimony 2: I used to do intercessory prayers at night, the Holy Spirit will wake me up and I’ll be praying for people I don’t know but somehow I’d be praying for their situation. After a while, it stopped and for months I was asking God what I did wrong. Right after that 10th day, it started again. I’ll be praying in my sleep and it’s the prayer that’ll bring me to consciousness. The spirit is moving indeed! Help me thank this awesome God. Olowogbogboro!!!!! God bless you and your family, sir.

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