God answered my prayers

February 27, 2020 by 0

Good evening Pastor Nathaniel,

My wedding was postponed in 2019 from March to August because of my fiance (now husband) visa issues, but God worked every thing out for us and we did our wedding in August, since my husband isn’t based in Nigeria, he returned back after the wedding.
I applied for visa to go visit him thrice and I kept getting denied for irrelevant reasons, so when this year’s hallelujah challenge began, I told God that I would apply the fourth and final time for the visa and it won’t take the required processing time and I would be favoured. God granted my request, I applied for the visa on the 7th and by 12th it has been processed, received my visa on the 17th and it was approved. Praise God. Onise Iyanu worked wonders for me. Thank you for answering the divine call. God bless you, your family and team.

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